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Hi, i'm Tom Charman

I'm the co-founder of a tech startup
and try to stay up to date with all things AI

I love talking about personalisation through data, new technologies and their impact on society.

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Who Am I?

Tech Founder, Business Mentor & Periodic Speaker

I’m passionate about using data and technology to create solutions within the consumer space. I spend 110% of my time as the co-founder of KOMPAS, a product combining my love of data, with my social aim of helping small businesses grow. I’ve given a TEDx talk on the ‘Future of Technology’ covering AI, Quantum Computing and Biohacking, and I’ve given a growing number of talks on the impact that emerging technologies can have on corporate companies and the wider society.

After being featured in international publications such as the TATA Consultancy Report and Success Magazine, I’ve continued to try to understand how to create a seamless travel experience. I advised the UK government aged 19, and recently had the opportunity to reflect on proposed regulations to data-driven companies with MEP’s at the European Parliament. I was recently named the future face of innovation of technology by the chamber of commerce, and was shortlisted as the most influential male in technology of 2017 (it took me by surprise too)!

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Talking about the 'Future of Technology'

In October 2016, I gave a TEDx talk on the 'Future of Technology', talking about
Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Biohacking. I'd love to know what you think!

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Tom Charman TEDx

Preparing for the Future of Technology

A round up of my findings and a reflection on the TEDx talk I gave in October 2016, London about AI, Quantum Computing and Biohacking.

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USWC Copenhagen

KOMPAS selected as USWC World Finalist

KOMPAS was selected by the USWC to pitch at the world finals in Copenhagen for its use of Artificial Intelligence, representing the UK.

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Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence Influence Travel?

The word Artificial Intelligence has been thrown around in the start-up world over the past few months, with phrases like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing following shortly after. That said, can these rapidly evolving technologies really be used to influence the travel industry, and if so, by how much?

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Artificial Intelligence Future

AI: Just how close are we?

An insight into the driving forces, factors and things to consider, when trying to understand just how close we are to creating strong Artificial Intelligence.

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Machine Learning AI

How are intelligent technologies predicting decisions?

How are companies using artificial intelligence and smart algorithms to predict human behaviours? What does that mean for us?

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Instagram Business

Instagram: The new form of social media

As millenials place a heavier dependence on Instagram, how can companies use this platform to target people, and how can it be done efficiently?

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Digital Nomads

Why are so many founders seeking out travel?

What is it that drives people towards the digital nomad lifestyle? What's the best way for companies to recruit and work with these nomads as they travel the world?

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Startup Advice

The difference between bootcamps, incubators and accelerators

Understanding the differences between the three can be difficult. I break this down, outlining the benefits and drawbacks of them all.

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People I've paid to say nice things about me

  • Tom is something of an exception among successful founders and I mean that in the nicest possible way. He is immensely knowledgeable, intelligent and focused but underpins all of those traits with humility- showing a maturity well beyond his years. Despite achieving things at 25 that many never dream of in their lifetime, he continues to be open minded, actively seeking out those better than himself, learning from others and relentlessly challenging himself to be better than he was yesterday. I have no doubts Tom will go on to achieve great things and I'm privileged to count him as a friend.

    Seth - London, UK
  • I hold a great deal of trust in Tom and have worked alongside him for several years now. He has a strong head for strategy and is quickly paving his way as a thought leader in technology and artificial intelligence. His passion for entrepreneurialism is evident in his constant willingness to volunteer his time to help fellow entrepreneurs scale their start ups and tackle tricky problems head on.

    Olivia - London, UK
  • Working with Tom is always a pleasure, he is highly ambitious, motivated, and a great leader. Being a natural born entrepreneur, Tom has a diverse skill set enabling him to complete any task he sets his mind to, to a high standard. Tom has a fantastic approach to his work and is very personable, I would highly recommend working with Tom in any type of context.

    Kim - Exeter, UK
  • Tom is so kind and generous with his mentoring time, advice and guidance. He is so approachable and always open for us to reach out to him. And he organised us to be on Slack with our other mentors. So helpful in many ways. Thank you Tom!

    Mila - London, UK
  • Working under Tom was an absolute pleasure. He was always clear and direct with explaining the work he required from me, which enabled me to provide all specific information he needed. Tom dealt with utmost professionalism when speaking with clients and is unquestionably a natural leader. I would recommend working with him in any type of context, as he is very personable and dynamic in his approach.

    Elizabeth - Exeter, UK
  • Tom is a brilliant mentor and a very successful entrepreneur on his own. With tons of energy and passion and with brilliant insights he has steered our team towards a clearer vision, has taught us what we should prioritize and how to go about it and has stepped in to help where we lacked skills or experience. It has been a real pleasure meeting Tom in person and a huge benefit and learning experience having him as our team’s mentor.

    Elena - California, United States